Will Smith Man Crush

I can pretty much still sing (if you wanna call it that) "Parents Just Don't Understand" by heart. I was in middle school and I wanted to bust a move and have faith, but DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince captured my imagination more than any of the other artists with one song. It was such a fun story, with a fun video, at a fun time in my life, when I was getting lines cut into my hair by my sister and Hot Jenny from Texas. 

I barely watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air, at least not until I got into the reruns one year. Maybe I just couldn't relate to staying with my rich relatives. I started hearing that Will Smith was more than just a comic former rapper actor, and I've generally enjoyed him in films. However, when I heard he was consistently one of the highest paid actors, I kind of wondered why. Then again, it makes sense: he's well spoken, fairly good looking, hasn't made huge off-screen career mistakes, appeals to all races, and can still be kind of funny. Besides, he doesn't look too old yet, so he can still play action and drama and comedy. 

I also like Will because he hasn't been in way too many romantic comedies or hero movies. I even kind of liked the hero movie he was in because he basically played the hero as sick of being a hero as I was of hero movies. 

Rating = 4/5 Candles in the Wind